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  • Appointments and Deposits

    We require a deposit for all appointments, which goes towards the total cost of the tattoo. Appointments must be made in person - we would need you to pop into the studio to discuss the tattoo design with us. Once we know the specifics of the design we can give you an estimate on time and price for the tattoo. We always take a deposit – if there is a design to be drawn up first then it's a £20 deposit at this stage. If you are looking to book an appointment to get the tattoo started then there's usually a deposit of £40-120 depending on the length of the session. Our opening hours are below and you can pop in any time to discuss your tattoo with us.

    If you need a free 15 minute consultation with a specific artist then you can call us to arrange this. Consultations are required for all large pieces or custom tattoos designed by us.

    *Please Note*
    The amount of your deposit will go towards the last session (completion) of the tattoo. Your deposit will carry over until your last appointment and be deducted from the final session price. You will forfeit your deposit if you fail to appear for an appointment without 48 hours notice. You MUST either speak to a member of staff or receive a reply by email to ensure we've been notified of cancellation. If we have already designed your tattoo and you decide to cancel your appointment without rescheduling then you forfeit the £20 design deposit.


    We generally price tattoos on the individual piece and not by the hour. The exception would be for on-going work such as full sleeves and back pieces, which are priced at £80 per hour. Our shop minimum is £40. We cannot quote a price over the phone.

    Opening Hours

    Tuesday-Saturday 11am-7pm
    Sunday 12-7pm
    Closed every Monday


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