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    Lomi Lomi Massage Edinburgh
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  • Lomi Lomi massage is deeply relaxing and soothing treatment. This technique relaxes and energizes our body and its effects last long after the therapy is over.
    - it creates a sense of well-being, reinforces the joy of life, improves our self-esteem and brings a peace of mind
    - it releases tensions
    - it is excellent if you suffer from insomnia, high blood pressure or other stress related ailments
    - it clears and relaxes our muscular system
    - it is a very powerful treatment for our immune and digestive system
    - it supports blood circulation and lymph flow
    - it eliminates undesirable toxins from our bodies
    - it rejuvenates human body as a whole.

    lomi lomi NUI massage:
    £50 for an hour
    £70 for 90 minutes
    £90 for 2 hours

    We also offer DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE, swedish massage, relaxing massage, hot stoone massage, anti-cellulite massage, back neck and shoulder massage.

    £25 for 30min
    £40 for an hour
    £60 for 90min
    £80 for 2 hours


    If you wonder how LOMI LOMI NUI MASSAGE look like here you have a sample by Marta Magdalena



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