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    TEESH DJ Verra Nice + DJ Cheers

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    9 December 23:00 - 10 December 02:00
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  • For our last 'All You Can Eat Mind Buffet' of 2017 we are tickled pink to be joined by special guest, DJ Verra Nice.

    4 years ago DJ Verra Nice played our second ever party under a different disguise, again at a properly scorching TEESH takeover of the Blue Blazer some years back too.

    From his work as part of Hi & Saberhägen, his superb new night CARNE and an upcoming release with an exciting new label from some of Sweden's safest hands, we're in divine company.

    £5 all night.

    *Diversity emboldens any party.
    *LGBTQ+ friendly.
    *Disrespectful behaviour towards your fellow clubbers is unacceptable. We are out to have a wee jive and a good time.
    *We encourage reporting anything considered threatening to the security, bar staff, your friends, DJs, those nearest (whichever is most convenient).
    *Together we can beat the creeps, pests and lowlifes.