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    World Service Project

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    4 May 21:00 - 23:30
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  • WorldService Project is a unique British beast - 5 disillusioned soldiers who broke away from their battalion, leaving their King and Country behind to pursue a new path. Their exhilarating blend of anthemic punk jazz has been exported across the world alongside clear political soundings calling for humility, compassion and true collaboration.
    This spring, WSP launch their fourth album, and their second on RareNoiseRecords, Serve. A call to arms for those who are seeking a different path away from the colonial hangover suffered by this kingdom, who see the 'greatness' of this nation not as a platform for world advancement but instead an overbearing presence backed by greed, corporatism and a biased media.
    A show both musical and theatrical, expect fire, fury and passion in a whirlwind show of epic rock anthems, simmering grooves and extended improvisations from this award-winning ensemble.

    Dave Morecroft - keys/vocals
    Ben Powling - saxophone
    Raphael Clarkson - trombone
    Arthur O'Hara - bass
    Harry Pope - drums

    Please note, no advance tickets are available, entry fees are paid as cash upon entry. See www.thejazzbar.co.uk for further information.