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    Alis's Journey through the Chakras Part 4

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    27 August 13:00 - 17:00
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  • The Chakra Series

    We live in a fragmented world where our minds are often severed from our bodies. This disconnects us from our true nature and leaves us with a deep desire to reclaim our wholeness.

    Journey through the chakras in this four part series; the chakra system is an ancient map of the 7 primary energy centers. We will work to balance the chakras by flowing through a series of grounding, opening, and balancing postures, to demystify the nature of each chakra. This journey will encompass all areas of your life from the somatic level of physical and instinctual awareness to the more abstract realms of transpersonal consciousness.

    We will explore asanas (yoga postures) to help tune and balance our 7 main energy centers. Each chakra is associated with particular functions within the body, which can become blocked by holding onto stress and negative emotions. Practicing poses that correspond to each chakra can help to release these blocks, allowing energy to flow freely to provide a sense wholeness, and strong connection to the self. We will also explore pranayama, mantra, meditation, guided writing and Yoga Nidra.

    Follow your Wisdom and Intuition

    The fourth and final workshop will bring together the sixth (Ajna) and seventh (Sahasrara) chakra. When we reach the upper two chakras we will connect to our wisdom, intuition and a sense of completeness and liberation in the seventh.
    Then we will draw on our prior experiences from the workshop and continue to access our intuition and emotional intelligence through the sixth chakra.

    You will learn to both perceive the seen and unseen in the universe. We will form inner images that ultimately that will help us to command our reality, increasing our ability to manifest our dreams.

    Finally we culminate the sevenfold journey at the crown charka; here we connect to the infinite awareness around us, and a timeless existence.

    This workshop will use poses to connect us to all seven chakras, pranayama, and inversions to connect to the upper chakras. A yoga Nidra practice will conclude our journey.

    There are four parts to the Chakra series with Alis. Join one, some or all of them!

    £25 per session or £65 to join all four.

    Sunday 16 July - 12:00 - 14:30 - Ground down and find your creative flow
    Sunday 30 July - 12:00 - 14:30 - Empower and open your heart
    Sunday 13 August - 12:00 - 14:30 - Connect to the infinite web of communication
    Sunday 27 August - 12:00 - 14:30 - follow your wisdom and intuition

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    or the Sunshine Yoga APP; mndbdy.ly/e/211507

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