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    A1: The Long Road to Edinburgh

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    3 August 19:30 - 04 August 01:30
  • In August 2016 Mark Row was struck by an idea, the sort of ridiculous thought that you would consider for only the briefest of seconds before carying on with your Cornflakes... But Mark just couldn't let it go! Instead he jumped on a plane and came to Edinburgh to meet some comedians, and find out from them what it would take to learn stand up and put on his own Edinburgh show in just a year... They told him it would be virtually impossible!

    Twelve months later and he's back... after a year filled with open mic nights, a joke which nearly cost him his job, and an impulse purchase of a horse, Mark has made it to Moriarty's Bar to share with you his story of an entire year walking 'The Long Road to Edinburgh!'