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    Family Show: Tricky- A Fairy Story by Nudge Puppets

  • When
    31 March 14:00 - 17:00
  • Part of Puppet Animation Scotland

    Watch, Learn, Create, Play! A puppet show, an interactive demonstration, and a making workshop, all designed to give children an opportunity to be involved and experience theatre in a relaxed environment. An intimate and hands-on experience with theatre, puppetry and craft.

    First, watch the puppet show: TRICKY- a fairy story. Have you ever met a fairy? They're shape shifters and mischief makers! Puck is the youngest and cheekiest of the fairies. How will he react when the Fairy Queen takes in a human baby? A story about tricks, patience and love.

    Then, learn about puppetry in an interactive demonstration: chat about different types of puppets- including those featured in the show- learning about how they work and how they're made. Participants will have a go, interacting with the puppets and helping make them move.

    Finally, puppet making!

    4 years- 9 years (15 mins plus workshop)

    £6 Children/ Concessions
    £8 Adults
    £25 Family Ticket

    Doors open 1:30pm