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    hwts Presents ★Big Miz★ End of Term Party

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    29 March 23:00 - 30 March 02:00
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    hwts Presents ★ Big Miz ★ End of Term Party

    Big Miz 3hr set // Thursday 29th March // Cabaret Voltaire

    TICKETS ONSALE NOW: £(4/6/8/10)

    αrtwσrk вч: https://www.instagram.com/josefatkinson/


    We are very pleased to announce that hwts have invited along Big Miz to Cabaret Voltaire on Thursday the 29th of March for an end of time party. Big Miz is someone who has been on our radar for a while now and with tracks such as The Bomb and Our House getting rinsed at so many festivals last year, and with his long-awaited debut album just released, Big Miz is a sure household name for the future of underground music.

    This is the last day of term for all Heriot-Watt and Napier students and with all other students in the capital off the following day for Good Friday, this is sure to a be a big night.

    ►Room 1:
    23:00-00:00: hwts
    00:00-03:00: Big Miz

    ►Room 2:
    23:00-03:00: hwts

    Student Drinks
    > £1.50 Vodka Mixers
    > £2.00 Gin/Rum/Jack Daniels Mixers
    > £2.50 Tequilas
    > £2.50 Jagerbombs
    > £2.50 Heinekens
    > £2.80 Coronas
    The up and coming Glaswegian producer and DJ Big Miz has achieved great success very early on in his career through his longstanding appearance on the house and techno scene within his home city. His past project and highly respected club night Offbeat, has been integral to his flexibility as an artist with the continued showcasing of diverse and wide-ranging electronic dance music and his ongoing residency at the fully charged endurance testing events.

    Since the days of his early prominence on the clubbing scene Big Miz has progressed and developed into a key producer within the house and techno field reigning in and combining his traditional skills in music with contemporary electronic equipment. His signing with record label Dixon Avenue Basement Jams and succinct releases have aided the young producers formidable and standout force within the increasingly saturated market, encompassing a true representation of Glaswegian passion and musical expectancies as an electronic artist.