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    Puppet Fiction Edinburgh 2017

  • When
    3 August 16:15 - 22:15
  • Everybody be cool! Puppet Fiction is back at Edinburgh Fringe!

    At 4.15pm everyday during Edinburgh Fringe (except Monday's) you can catch an episode of Puppet Fiction for Laughing Horse Comedy Free Edinburgh Fringe Festival at The Counting House (next to the Pear Tree).

    The ultimate Tarantino homage returns for one last season at Edinburgh Fringe! 3 actors, 25 marionettes, one bat-sh*t crazy show. It's literally Pulp Fiction with strings attached, 40cm high puppets dolling out violence and quotable wisdom, but what's in the case Vince? A smash cult hit direct from New Zealand full of comedy and commentary.

    The film is broken into three episodes, come once for one, come three times to get the whole she-bang!

    No bookings, pop some cash in the hat at the end of the show or if you're really lucky you'll get robbed at tiny little puppet gunpoint! Turn up early to get a seat close to the action.