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    Mr. Vast plus support

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    9 February 19:00 - 22:00
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  • Once in a while an artist comes along who transcends the limits and boundaries of their chosen medium, creating work so outside of what rote culture has trained us to expect that the effect is utterly and delightfully trance-inducing. While the rest of us channel the Prime Creative Force of the Universe in powder or maybe pill form, these rare souls are apparently mainlining that stuff directly into their eyeballs.

    Mr. Vast (Missda Vast) is one such artist. From the “heart-warming absurdist whimsy, veering into extreme come-down hallucination” visuals of his music videos to his apparent intention to sample virtually every music genre of the past fifty years with more technical skill than anybody this whimsical has any right to claim, this chap is an artist who demands your attention, immediately. Like right bloody now.

    Do yourself a favour and have a listen: