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    The Secret Room at Lauriston Castle

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    14 May 17:30 - 23:30
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  • Explore untold mysteries in the Secret Room, where performances are intricately linked to a magician’s interpretation of the colourful history of some of Edinburgh’s hidden historical buildings. Magicians dig deep into their exciting, intriguing and often dark histories, and unearth the little mysteries and unknown secrets. These are then illustrated with magic, illusion and of course sleight of hand.

    Imagine… secret passages, alchemy, clandestine laboratories and a game of cards that resulted in a loss of your money, reputation and home. All of this becomes a reality at the secluded Lauriston Castle.
    A hidden castle on the outskirts of Edinburgh with beautiful grounds (home to the Edinburgh-Kyoto Friendship Garden) and spectacular views of Cramond Island and the River Forth. The perfect site for illusion and intrigue.
    What mysteries does this wonderful castle conceal?

    Featuring Chris Cook Magic, Ian Kendall and Billy Reid Close-up Magician (16 & 17 May) / Kevin Quantum (14 & 15 May)
    Lauriston Castle | MON 14 MAY - THURS 17 MAY | 5.30PM & 7.30PM | £20/£18 CONC/£15 CHILD | 75MIN | AGES 10+