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    The Statler Project plus Stellar + Cheyenne Social Club

  • When
    8 September 19:00 - 23:00
  • Line-up -
    The Statler Project
    Stellar - Band Page
    Cheyenne Social Club

    The Statler Project are a Scottish Indie/Dance Band from Glasgow, who pride themselves as being both creative in their studio and a formidable live act.
    Mechanical Intervention is the debut album from the band and they will be playing live dates throughout 2016 promoting this album, so please sit up and take notice ........ We are all STATLER……JOIN US!

    The band's musical influences are varied, with band members citing Minimal Techno, ‘Krautrock Bands’ such as Neu, Can, Harmonia, and Kraftwerk as well Bowie and early 90’s Manchester, amongst many others as a sources of inspiration…