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    Neu! Reekie! Xmas SnowBlinder

    Food and drink
  • When
    15 December 18:00 - 23:00
  • Neu! Reekie!'s XMAS SNOWBLINDER ** Friday 15th December at Central Hall, Edinburgh ** Limited Early Bird Tickets oot now!

    This is the third time we've used this marvel of a venue. We only do so when the elements collide - they've done so.
    Line-up TBA soon...but dinnae dilly-dally please.

    This night will feature ferocious forces from spoken word, music, film and performance; mulled buckfast etc. As a gauge, .previous visitors to N!R! at Central Hall include: Irvine Welsh, Young Fathers, Liz Lochhead, Hollie McNish, RM Hubbert, Emma Pollock, Andrew Weatherall, FiniTribe, Hector Bizerk, WHITE, Rachel Maclean & mare.

    'Scotland's favourite avant-garde noisemakers...Neu! Reekie! dismantle the structures and snobberies dividing high and low art - art is for everyone.' (The Skinny)

    Tickets: http://snowblinder.bpt.me