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    Texture & Transformation Yoga Workshop

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    18 November 10:00 - 13:00
  • We are delighted to welcome leading yoga practitioner, teacher and author, John Stirk to Wellbeing Yard for a one day workshop.
    When we approach the body, mind and soul with an effortless yet penetrating curiosity, we become free from habitual thought and identity. This workshop invites participants to move into a less familiar experience, one that introduces the fluids of the body as a motile connective tissue. We will explore the potential of delicate perception merging with a transmutation of all the tissues of the body. Using understated and gentle inner movement we pass into something else, as body, mind and soul melt into an ever changing, indefinable texture supported by deeper softness.

    Suitable for practitioners and teachers of all styles of yoga and body/mind work. One day workshop fee £75. To book, please email: june@junesyoga.com or sarena@movetobestill.com

    Find more here: https://www.restorationyard.com/events/texture-transformation-1811/

    John has been teaching Yoga and body-mind movement for over 40 years. His work aims to deepen, open and broaden the Yoga experience by inviting students to sink beneath existing knowledge and practical application and draw out for themselves their deeper practitioner.