• 145

    I, the Lion plus Bad Protagonist Club + Attic Choir

  • When
    10 August 20:00 - 11 August 00:00
  • Line-up -
    I, The Lion
    Bad Protagonist Club
    Attic Choir

    "I, The Lion" are a 3 piece post-punk trio from Cheltenham (UK), featuring heavy progressive bass lines, twisting guitar riffs, hard hitting drums and melodic harmonious vocals.

    With pure power, aggression and endless energy, "I, The Lion" feel most at home when on the road and have been making their mark on the live circuit, having toured the UK 4 times and playing every show they can. Along the way they have shared the stage with some amazing acts including Gallows, DZ Deathrays, Three Trapped Tigers, Talons and Emp!re to name a few.

    Since forming, the band have worked hard to craft their sound and make their mark on the UK scene. As the years have passed, most notably they have become more technical in their songwriting to try and play music that is complex but not difficult to listen to. Along the way they've built up a good following and picked up some dedicated fans and are determined to keep building their reputation as a band to watch.

    For fans of: At The Drive In, Biffy Clyro, Arcane Roots