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    Fractal Paisleys

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    19 January 19:00 - 20 January 01:00
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  • EMBASSY presents Fractal Paisleys

    Featuring new work by:

    Jessy Jetpacks
    William Darrell
    Jake Russell

    p.v : 19/01/18 7 - 10pm
    20th January - 11th February
    Thursday - Sunday
    12 - 6 pm

    Supported by Creative Scotland


    Jessy Jetpacks: multi-disciplinary artist working in video, digital works, virtual reality, music, 3d printing, performance, and installation. A maximalist in referencing and emotional registers. Her work is poignant, provocative and engaging, with a dark sense of humour and a sometimes belligerent vulnerability. Themes and interests range from the global political to the fundamental and private human condition- advocacy, poetry, and philosophy all finding their place.

    William Darrell is a British Sculptor. His works are mostly kinetic and prosthetics. William uses domestic and DIY objects similar to hermit crab compiling them to himself in order to perform specific tasks. His recent animatronic sculptures emulate life through adopting particular attributes of creatures such as defensive snapping jaws, electrified appendages and mesmeric lures.

    Jake Russell makes paintings and videos, and desperately tries to get an image together that explains something, just anything at all. After moving out into the big world he has painted some flags, which is likely because he feels a lot like a flag these days and not much else. He has also made a video about a goblin that has its home within him. Jake doesn’t know what’s going on. It’s not his fault!