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    The Transatlantic Ensemble perform 'Rumours' - at Summerhall, Ed

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    9 February 20:00 - 10 February 00:00
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  • Having sold out their December Summerhall show over a month in advance, the outstanding 'Transatlantic Ensemble' return by popular demand, to make their second visit to Scotland, this February, to perform Fleetwood Mac's iconic 'Rumours' album in it’s entirety.

    Experience one of the greatest albums of all time, lovingly & accurately recreated live...

    There's just something so evocative about the Rumours album... Something that strikes a chord with every true music fan. It's soundtracked the lives of multiple generations.

    If you're a fan of the album, this stunning performance, by this incredible ensemble, is quite simply something you cannot afford to miss.

    Please note that due to our contract with the band's management, tickets are only refundable once the event has sold out & Debbie has people waiting on the returns list to sell tickets on to.

    You can contact her directly for any ticket related enquiries on info@welovewhq.com x.

    The 40th Anniversary of Rumours...

    To see it performed live in 2018, a full 41 years since it's original release, complete & to such perfection, is a very special thing that you'll really, really, love & enjoy being a part of.

    The show takes place on the evening of Friday, Feb 9th, in the Summerhall Dissection Room.

    This event will warm you right through - from your bones to your heart x.

    Doors to the show are open from 7.30pm & Tom Caulker (WHQ DJ) is playing sweet music either side of the band, to properly set the scene & the Transatlantic Ensemble will be on stage around 8pm.

    Please address all ticket /returns enquiries etc / to Debbie @ info@welovewhq.com

    *This event is another 'World Headquarters & Nat Turner Live' presentation.