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    40 Hour CPD Cadaveric Anatomy for Yoga Course with Karen Kirknes

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    26 May 08:00 - 10:00
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  • 40 Hour CPD Cadaveric Anatomy for Yoga Course
    with Karen Kirkness

    This Anatomy for Yoga course with Karen Kirkness (MFA, MSc) offers unparalleled insight into the human body for students and teachers of yoga. This unique course brings yoga practitioners even closer to anatomy with 14 hours working with cadaveric specimen to discover the relevant anatomical concepts together with anatomists.

    Students will gain thorough knowledge of anatomy in theory and practice.


    This Course offered jointly with the University of Edinburgh will take place over 2 weekends in 2018, Saturday & Sunday:

    • 26/27 May
    • 1/2 June

    Saturdays at Meadowlark:
    ***0800 - 1230 Moon Studio
    ***1400 - 1700 Sun Studio

    With the aid of presentation software, props, body painting and 3D models, Karen will delve into the anatomy of yoga whilst simultaneously allowing students to get hands-on in small groups. Learning interactively, everyone will gain a thorough understanding of anatomy for yoga

    The Sundays, 27th May and 2nd June*, will be held in the Anatomy Teaching Lab at Edinburgh University.
    *dates provisional until 31st Dec 2017



    • Students will gain understanding of basic anatomical concepts and see these reinforced through the handling of cadaveric material with the guidance of trained anatomists.
    • Students will engage with basic concepts to build confidence with anatomy in their own practice and teachings.


    • Students will listen and engage with visual presentations of various anatomical systems
    • Students will have the unique opportunity to discover anatomical principles relevant to yoga practice in the form of actual body parts.
    • Students will participate in led yoga and pranayama sessions to reinforce anatomical concepts
    • Students will form small groups and participate in hands-on learning activities
    • Students will build models of the Respiratory Pump
    • Students will build Tensegrity models
    • Students will engage in body painting to learn the surface anatomy of the musculoskeletal system
    • Students will complete essay assignments to reinforce their learning
    • Students will make informal presentations to each other in the large group.

    Learning Outcomes:

    Upon completion of this course the student will be able to:

    • Understand the interconnectedness of body systems
    • Appreciate how the connective tissue system co-creates itself
    • Learn techniques for reinforcing structural anatomy knowledge
    • Understand the factors of balanced wellness versus physical fitness
    • Have confidence and fluency discussing fundamental anatomical principles

    Skills - This course will enable the inspired student to:

    • Describe their understanding of the fundamental systems
    • Integrate their advancing understanding into practical terms
    • Build on this foundation to increase their intuitive ability to assess students in their own classes to maximise healthy outcomes


    This course will work in a developmental manner covering the following subject areas:
    • Biontensegrity: principles of the paradigm
    • Fascial interconnectedness of body regions
    • The nature of conscious movement
    • Respiratory system and the essence of circulation in the microenvironment
    • The role of the nervous system in health and wellness
    • Chanting
    • Pranayama
    • Asana

    The studio hours of the course will be delivered in original, engaging presentations. Karen uses innovative learning techniques and small group activities to engage every learning style. The Saturdays will include taught yoga sessions and mat-based group work.

    This will take the form of a homework assignment and student presentations over the 2 weekends of the course.

    University of Edinburgh Certificates of Attendance with Yoga Alliance logos for CPD will be presented upon successful completion of the required hours.


    • Participants must have some experience of yoga.
    • No prior Anatomy experience is required.


    • Participants must buy a copy of the books on the recommended reading list and bring these to each day of the training.
    • The full course investment including the cadaveric experience at Edinburgh University (lunch, tea, and coffee included on Sundays only) is £750.

    Booking: http://bit.ly/CadavericAnatomyforYoga

    • Both weekends must be attended for the Certificate
    • Weekends are also bookable separately; use this link to see all options for attendance: http://bit.ly/CadavericAnatomyforYoga
    • Meadowlark Yoga is hosting Karen's Mysore Intensive between the two Course weekends, email training@meadowlarkyoga.com to reserve your space.

    Required Reading:

    • Joanne Avison’s Yoga: Fascia, Anatomy and Movement

    • Netter's Atlas of Human Anatomy

    If you have any queries about this course, please get in touch with our trainings administrator:


    Please note: Cadaveric training dates are provisional and will be confirmed on Dec 31st 2017.