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    Blind Islay Fury Leeds

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    22 November 19:00 - 23 November 04:00
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  • Blind Islay Fury strikes again!

    Once again the seasons turn, summer sun fades into the riot of autumn colours! Temperatures drop and darkness closes over the lands as Samhain approaches and Cailleach Bheur (The Queen of Winter) rises to ascendancy! We wrap up and huddle together to keep winters chill icy fingers from our bones.

    Fire provides warmth and light and we are drawn to it naturally! Gone are the cold refreshing drinks of the summer and we crave for something to warm us through and through. What better than Uisage Beatha? In particular, those wonderfully aromatic and intense whiskies hailing from the Isle of Islay. Steeped in mystery and peat and reminiscent of the fires that birthed them, they are the perfect companion on a chilly evening.

    Join us as we celebrate with some of the Isle’s finest drams, liberated from The Whisky Lounge’s vaults for your libationous pleasure!