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    You Deserve To Dance 2nd Edition with Art Alfie

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    10 August 23:00 - 11 August 02:00
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  • The second chapter. YDTD has dug deep to take one of Sweden's finest to Edinburgh. Art Alfie is co-founder of Karlovak label with its unique sound that made a lasting contribution, now releasing solo records on the likes of Studio Barnhus we have come to expect great things from AA and he never disappoints.

    ''Stockholm’s Art Alfie is out on his own in 2017 and is already making waves. Following his successful partnership with Mr. Tophat at the helm of the revered Karlovak label, an imprint that garnered both critical acclaim, and was supported by pretty much all their DJ peers, Oscar Wedren now wishes to focus on his solo career.

    He started the next chapter in his esteemed 15 year DJ career with a solid statement of intent, a solo album entitled “Reveries Of…” on none other than Studio Barnhus. He quickly followed this with his first solo EP on his own Karlovak imprint, which again proved to be a winning combination with yet more support from across the DJ spectrum.

    And now with a new label called “Velvet Pony” in the pipeline, the coming year is primed for Art Alfie to continue to fill record bags and dancefloors alike.''

    We can't wait for this one and he will be supported by Barcelona's Farres, Jack LS, residents Paddy Dixon and Grant Clark.

    Art Alfie (Karlovak // Studio Barnhus)
    Farres (IN THERAPY)
    Jack Stanley (Body)
    Paddy D (Capri Collective // You Deserve To Dance)
    Grant Clark (You Deserve To Dance)

    Tickets just £5 via RA or £7 on the night.

    You Deserve To Dance x