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    Alberto Vazquez at Manipulate Festival. Shorts & Influences + QA

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    27 January 16:00 - 19:00
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  • Presented in collaboration with Puppet Animation Scotland special strand into the Animation influences and techniques of Alberto Vazquez & Khris Cembe, as part of Manipulate Visual Theatre Festival 2018.

    An opportunity to see the work of Alberto Vazquez, currently one of Europe’s hottest animators. Alberto will join us in person along with Khris Cembe, animation director on all Vazquez’ films for a programme of his acclaimed shorts, followed by a Q & A.

    With his distinctive artistic style and dark humour, Alberto’s work articulates an innovative approach to translating the visual techniques and devices from his original comics into animated film which is unique in Spain. Vazquez and his team share a passion for creating striking work for adult audiences which dares, both through narrative structures and stylistic choices, to consistently challenge film-making orthodoxy.

    Alberto’s books and comics have enjoyed significant success around the world and his films have won over 60 awards at major international festivals. In 2016 Alberto’s first feature, Psiconautas, was nominated for Best Animated Feature Film at the European Film Awards, as well as winning the Spanish Academy Best Film Award. At the same ceremony Alberto also won Best Animated Short Film for Decorado.