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    Sound / Art

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    4 April 17:30 - 05 April 00:30
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  • Lose yourself inside the aural landscape of drawing, where the sound of mark-making becomes an instrument in The Reverse Engineer's orchestra. Using the magic of live sampling and electronic manipulation, Topaz Pauls and Dave House will create a rich soundscape using your pencil's rhythmic hatching, your charcoal's sensual swooping, your paper's gentle rustling, and the model's heartbeat and breath. An experiment in immersive life drawing, not to be missed.

    This session replaces the usual Wednesday night life drawing - we'll be back to normal on April 24th (but have plenty planned for the interim dinny you worry!). Basic materials (paper, pencils, charcoal etc) are included in the ticket price, but feel free to bring your preferred paraphernalia too.

    Tickets are available from the ESIF website, or once the Science Festival starts, from the Summerhall box office, and are priced £5-£8.50; there'll be no 'on the door' tickets to this one. Please arrive from 5.15pm to get comfortably installed.

    Looking forward to welcoming you,
    Topaz, Dave and EISF.