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    Give Me Your Love

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    15 August 10:15 - 14:15
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  • Give Me Your Love - 10.15AM 15TH-27TH AUGUST - SUMMERHALL, EDINBURGH FRINGE - a seriously funny play informed by medical research and real-life testimonies. “Very beautifully written” Radio 4 | “I swear, you’ll have never seen anything quite like it” The Independent

    Give Me Your Love' has been developed through various stages of discussion, rehearsal, and demonstrations that have taken places in the UK and Australia. It utilises post show discussions that have helped in the process of making the show which is part of an investigation into themes of mental health, stress, trauma, PTSD, depression and their possible treatments.

    “Ridiculusmus at their best, with their signature blend of silliness and seriousness.” The Stage “Haynes and Woods play nimbly with delusion” Observer

    “An eerie, gently trippy exploration of drugs and mental health.” Time Out

    “One of our most refreshingly provocative theatre companies” Time Out

    “…it’s a strangely uplifting work of black comedy too. Drawing on the absurdity of the situation – whether you read it as real or allegory – and there are plenty of ways to interpret this quirky piece – Ridiculusmus bring a great deal of positivity.” Jo Beggs, The Reviewers Hub

    Audience members: “I could have watched that all day” | “Really, really effective performance”

    Nominated twice for prestigious INTERNATIONAL MELBOURNE COMEDY FESTIVAL AWARD, and winners of many other awards such as the TIME OUT LIVE Award, ADELAIDE FRINGE Award, TOTAL THEATRE AWARD for Best British Productions, and HERALD ANGEL AWARD for Innovation. Theatre legends Jon Haynes and David Woods of Ridiculusmus are back with a funny, fragile and profound fable based on groundbreaking medical research and real-life war testimonies.

    Give Me Your Love premiered at Arts House, Melbourne in November 2015 and packed out a three-week run at Battersea Arts Centre in January 2016.

    Zach has withdrawn into a cardboard box in his kitchen. His friend Ieuan attempts to deliver him a capsule of MDMA as a cure for his post-traumatic stress.

    “Haynes and Woods play nimbly with delusion” Observer

    Give Me Your Love is the second instalment of Ridiculusmus’s three-pronged investigation into innovative approaches to mental health. Informed by the latest scientific research, it explores the healing potential in altered states of consciousness.

    Give Me Your Love was commissioned by Battersea Arts Centre and Arts House, Melbourne. It has been supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England; the Wellcome Trust; Royal Victoria Hall Foundation; the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts; Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne University and the City of Melbourne through Arts House and its Culture Lab programme.

    “You have to admire the dedication of Woods and Haynes, who are also the writers and directors, in acting with legs, hands and voice alone. Sharp points are made through comedy...”
    The Guardian