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    Real Bread Gorebridge Gathering

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    21 March 18:00 - 20:00
  • Imagine if we had access to locally made bread and we didn't have to rely on the lorries to bring us something as simple as BREAD. Imagine if that bread was REAL bread!?
    Come and talk and imagine with us!

    Rescheduled event from 28th February

    Time 6-7pm

    Venue: Pop-Up Beacon, 55 main street- Old bank building.

    No need to book- please just come along.

    Come along to discuss the wonders of Real Bread, share how you feel about the bread we are sold in the shops and taste locally made REAL Bread! AND We'd love to hear whether folk might be interested in the possibility of establishing a community bakery in Midlothian, maybe even Gorebridge!? come and joy the discussion!

    with special guest Charlie Hanks.
    Charlie has a lot of experience with food, working in bakeries and getting community baking going. He is currently involved with Granton Community Gardeners.

    Event delivered in collaboration with:

    * Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

    * Big Picnic
    (www.bigpicnic.net) An EU project where RBGE are looking at food security, specifically how to engage the public in discussing issues around the gulf between the great food that Scotland produces and people who have access to it. Too often it seems that many people have problems in accessing nutritious food and as a result have a poor diet.


    * Scotland the Bread.
    (www.scotlandthebread.org) A collaborative project based in the Borders that looks at how we grow our wheat and whether we could have better, more local and nutritious grain and bread production. RBGE have worked with them on a project to grow wheat and take it through the stages to make bread (Soil to slice).
    The public engagement they did attracted a lot of people, many of who have issues with industrial bread, interested in where it comes from and have an interest in making their own, or interest in supporting community bakeries.