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    Beltane 2018 Pre-GO Application Session

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    21 January 14:00 - 19:00
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  • If you're considering applying to run a group at Beltane Fire Festival 2018, this meeting is the perfect opportunity to speak to Blues, Trustees and experienced GOs for guidance. Whether you’re leaning toward applying for a group which is part of the processional narrative, a performance group which may take an alternative path or occupy a static space on the Hill, or a production group that will help form the physical or logistical structure of our event, we strongly advise that you attend and talk to the Blues and Board about your ideas.

    While we would definitely like to see you at this meeting even if you’ve run groups, or the same group, a number of times, this is particularly important for people with limited experience of group organising at BFS events. If you’re new to GOing, you are especially encouraged to attend. It's also a chance to potentially find a second GO if you have a great idea but are currently working alone. Conversely, if you're genuinely open to GOing in general and would be happy to meet with someone who already has a concept for a group in mind, please join us!

    This will be a working meeting with structured discussion. If you would like to come and hang out socially, please feel free to come along afterwards, but we ask that only prospective Group Organisers attend during the actual meeting.

    For further information about Group Organiser applications for Beltane 2018, please see this post on our blog here: https://beltane.org/2018/01/03/apply-to-be-a-group-organiser-for-beltane-2018/

    If you’re thinking of applying to run a group but you can’t make it along to the meeting, please get in touch with the Blues at blues[at]Beltane[dot]org and the Board of Trustees via festival[at]Beltane[dot]org to share your ideas as they’d really like to hear from you before applications start arriving.

    PLEASE NOTE THIS IS THE NOT THE BELTANE 2018 OPEN MEETING. Full details about the Open Meeting, along with a Facebook event, will be posted soon.