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    It's Alive! exhibition tour for visually impaired visitors

  • When
    28 July 11:00 - 17:00
  • This summer the museum plays host to a cast of curious clockwork characters from the House of Automata, alongside a new series of etchings by Robert Powell.
    We invite you to join us for a descriptive tour of the exhibition and a hands-on automata performance, tailored to visually impaired visitors.
    Come along to experience the magic of mechanical life. In Robert Powell’s prints we will explore the uncanny overlaps of nature and technology, and the role of automata in legend and literature. Then, the automata will come to life in the expert hands of Michael and Maria Start, including a tiny feathered bird who sings 170-year-old songs.

    Places are limited. Book by email alice.sage@edinburgh.gov.uk