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    NUTS DJ Academy

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    7 December 20:30 - 23:30
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  • Before our usual NUTS night on the first Thursday on the month we have decided to host a DJ academy. Our longest playing DJ Dan Mcgarty will be taking the reigns of this event to pass on his wisdom to anybody interested in being a disc jockey.

    All Are Welcome
    This event is open to people of all skill ranges, from someone who has never touched a set of turntables but are interested in giving it a try, to someone who is already confident in using them but wants a chance to showcase what they can do. We have a busy calendar planned for 2018 so we'll be keeping an eye on this event for anybody who could play at one of our future events.

    What To Expect
    A relaxed fun atmosphere where you can meet like minded people whilst having a few drinks. This is very much about allowing you to get a little insight in how to DJ while giving you the opportunity to play on equipment that you don't get the chance to use often. If that doesn't interest you then you can always come down to catch a rare glimpse of the club before it opens and to hear some good music.

    The Professionals
    Dan will be the main man running this event with many years of experience as well as producing his own music. He'll help provide a beginners guide to those who are unfamiliar with the equipment and will provide a few pointers for those who are looking to improve. NUTS residents Harry Chalmers and Justin Bickler will also be in attendance to lend a helping hand.

    The Drinkers
    If you are not interested in learning how to DJ on this date then don't worry you can still come down and catch the club before it opens while enjoying Cab Vol's student price drinks. It'll also give you the chance to meet some people in a more sociable environment.

    £2 - Society Members
    £3 - Students
    £4 - Non-Students
    All of these entries will guarantee you entry to the DJ Academy and to the club night that follows at this venue.

    Limited numbers are a available for the DJ Academy so be sure to put going on the event to keep up to date with how you can secure yourself a spot!