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    Out of System Transfer and Qfolk

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    8 May 19:00 - 22:00
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  • NYC's gonzo anti-folk punk rock radical leftist hootenanny!

    Carrying the banner of righteous weirdness, here comes Out of System Transfer, the city’s much-needed gonzo anti-folk punk rock radical leftist hootenanny. Their funny and fierce tunes blend the rage of Reagan-era punks like Dead Kennedys and Mojo Nixon with the rootsy feel and harmonies of acts like the Carter Family and Pete Seeger. With unparalleled energy, uncompromising radical politics, and an insatiable thirst for fun, these four anarchofolk weirdos share one primary main objective: to rock your entire ass off.





    The kind of acoustic music you can't play in a coffee shop :/
    For Fans Of: Yelling, EMOTIONS(TM), loudness, playin the
    ol acoustic guitar real fast, leftist politics, and a complete lack of subtlety.