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    The Body as a State of Mind with Sabine Molenaar

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    3 February 14:00 - 17:00
  • We are pleased to announce the third of our 2018 manipulate Visual Theatre Festival masterclasses, led by the internationally renowned dancer and performer, Sabine Molenaar.

    Utilising skills developed from her own physical practise and creative process Molenaar will be leading participants through a variety of tools within improvisation and composition.

    Starting by using visualisation and breath to connect the mind and body and stimulate the imagination, to create a nourishing ground for researching state of mind and physical quality.

    - Sabine Molenaar

    Through this masterclass, Molenaar aims to give participants the ability to keep learning from the body by; listening and exploring, the ability to not get bored with your own mind when creativity is required, keeping an inspired and disciplined mind to expand the capacities of your body, and the ability to create surprising directions by transformation of times, spaces and bodies.

    Dates and times of masterclass:

    February 3rd 2018 2.00pm - 8.00pm

    To take part in the workshop please note:

    Wear clothes that allow you to move easily
    Wear sensible shoes, such as trainers or jazz shoes, or bare feet