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    A Waste Land at Edinburgh Free Fringe

  • When
    3 August 23:15 - 04 August 05:15
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  • An electronic dance opera-odyssey through TS Eliot's iconic poem: part rave, part multimedia installation, this dark, dystopian clusterf*ck follows genderqueer Tiresias on a quest through the seediest hovels and holes in Trump's 'Murica. Devised and performed by internationally unrenowned power-bottom Eri Borlaug (Brooklyn's self-proclaimed Kween of Electronic Dance Opera), expect to dance as you enter the glam/grunge underworld of 'Murica in a 50-minute party/theatrical event.

    adapted and performed by Eri Borlaug
    directed by Mimi Barcomi
    music by Dexter Driscoll
    tech consultant Jessica Greenberg