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    Festival Of Tennis 2018

  • When
    9 July 10:00 - 14:00
  • From Monday 9th - Sunday 15th July we are running our ‘Tennis Festival’!

    The aim of the week is to get as many members on the courts and experiencing tennis regardless current level of participation and playing experience!

    With the range of activities there will be something for everyone – whether you play a little, or a lot!

    Our existing sessions will continue as they are with some paid (Coaching, Coaching and Matchplay, etc) but all the new activities will be free!

    During the Festival of Tennis week we will slightly amend our existing programme and complement it with additional sessions to provide plenty of opportunities.

    The culmination of the week will be the Wimbledon Finals being shown in the cafe bar with DL Kids lounge activities offered to entertain the younger children along with a BBQ offering.

    New additions to the programme will be the following:

    Festival of Tennis – Adult Turbo Tennis’ (60 mins)
    ‘Festival of Tennis - Kids Turbo Tennis’ (60 mins)
    ‘Festival of Tennis - Adult Tennis Taster’ (60 and 90 mins)
    ‘Festival of Tennis - Family Time’ (30 mins)
    ‘Festival of Tennis – Short Tennis’ (60 mins)
    ‘Festival of Tennis - Train Like a Pro’ (90 mins)
    ‘Festival of Tennis - Family Extravaganza’ (60 mins)
    ‘All Stars Red Experience’ (60 mins)
    ‘All Stars Orange and Green Experience’ (60 mins).

    More details and how to book into each FREE session will be made available very soon! Stay tuned!

    Info? Email: Racquets.edinburgh@davidlloyd.co.uk