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    The Making of the Future: Now

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    11 August 14:00 - 18:00
  • As part of 'A Summer Meeting': Presented in partnership with North Edinburgh Arts which sits at the heart of the communities of Muirhouse and Pennywell – peripheral residential areas that are currently experiencing one of the city’s most ambitious programmes of regeneration. In this afternoon of talks, walks and activities, we consider the continuing importance of the ideas of Patrick Geddes in this context, and discuss what might be the role of artists in making the future for our cities and our communities today.

    Participants include: artist Frances Whitehead (USA); Natalie Taylor, and Alice Betts, artists in residence at NEA; Diarmaid Lawlor, Architecture & Design Scotland; Jude Barber, Collective Architecture; Creative Carbon Scotland; and James Grimley, Reiach and Hall Architects.

    £5 / £3 Concessions