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    Runners Injury Prevention Workshop

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    27 November 16:00 - 21:00
  • More and more people are putting on their trainers and hitting the roads, trails and tracks over a range of distances. Whilst this is an amazingly positive thing, running is a high injury-risk activity with most runners suffering 2-3 injuries every year. With correct strength & conditioning you can reduce your risk of injury by as much as 50%.

    At Bodyworks we firmly believe that prevention is better that the cure so we have designed this hands-on workshop with our Physiotherapist Raul to help runners of all abilities ensure that your body is in the best shape for running and we get on top of potential imbalances/niggles before they become an injury-risk.

    What you will get out of this 2 hour workshop:

    *Learn about the most common pathologies in running and how to prevent them
    *specific advanced stretches including foam rolling
    *propioceptive exercises to improve your muscle coordination and *prevent knee and ankle injuries
    *get your flexibility and muscle balance assessed
    *gait analysis and diagnosis
    *learn self massage for lower limbs and hips
    *understand the importance of injury prevention and strength & conditioning
    *learn a full repertoire of strength and conditioning exercises to do at home

    All this will improve your endurance, recovery time and speed but most importantly keep you injury free so you can keep doing what you love – running!

    The workshop is on Monday 27th November 4pm – 6pm at the Bodyworks clinic.

    The cost of this workshop is £30 and refreshments will be provided free of charge. You will also be given a free pdf of all the exercises and stretches you will cover.

    To maintain a hands on approach spaces will be limited to 12.