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    Reflections of a Constant Monk

  • When
    16 November 19:30 - 21:30
  • Blending Storytelling, Poetry and Original Music

    Music composed and directed by Robin Mason on cello; Peter Galinsky on clarinet and James Bryce on keyboard complement the poetry written and presented by Lee Gershuny.

    With music and poetry from the heart, the performance brings to life thought-provoking adventures of a modern day Monk facing life’s challenges — being overweight, meeting a bully, falling in love, etc. With a playful innocence and endless curiosity, the Monk manages to find beauty in the darkest moments and questions the purpose of life itself. Insightful and sometimes laughable, the Monk expresses a wit and wisdom to amuse, surprise and move us.

    November 2017 Tour
    Sat., 11 Nov., 7:30 pm, Pathhead Town Hall, Pathhead
    Wed., 15 Nov., 8:00 pm, The Poetry Club, Glasgow
    Thurs., 16 Nov., 7:30 pm, Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburg