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    TAUPE // The Jazz Bar // 30.11.17

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    30 November 21:00 - 01 December 00:00
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  • Noisejazz scatter-skronk team Taupe return to Edinburgh to head off their November with a double set at The Jazz Bar.

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    £6/£5 (concs)

    ' “There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion” says Poe, and that’s true of what Taupe do. These three musicians are in total harmony with each other, however dissonant, and are a reminder that for all the poise and elegance of classical beauty, those gifted sculptors still revelled in rendering taught sinew and contracting muscle in inert, cold, stone.'
    - Bido Lito.

    'A fierce trio balancing blast and groove with clear punctuation.'
    - The New York City Jazz Record.

    'Violent freedom lies in the soaring assurance of their manic riff-delivery.'
    - All About Jazz.

    '[Taupe] harness a telekinetic connection which allows them to flow between perfect sync and wild improvisation, just when you least expect it. Unreal.'
    - Strange Behaviours.

    ‘Encompassing all that is great about the exploration of music, [...] Taupe take jazz, pull it apart, then put it back together without the instruction manual.’
    - NARC. Magazine.