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    The Fluid Flow

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    10 March 14:00 - 16:00
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  • THE FLUID FLOW - 2-4pm
    Through a spiralling vinyasa style practice, Steffy will help you find your wings and move with effortless effort, ironing out the clunks and bumps to a reveal a smoother flow. After teaching ashtanga and the rocket, Steffy started to incorporate mandala style sequencing to her strong foundations after an eye opening teacher training with her teachers The Yoga People last spring, and since then she likes to colour outside of the lines with her practice and teaching, learning to not be tied down by the limits of the rectangle yoga mat. Life is stressful enough without bringing stress into a yoga class so we are going to dive deep to investigate where the unnecessary tension lies in our body, learning to let it go to become more fluid.We will be exploring fluidity in yin and yang and working deeply with both styles, with a hope to bring that fluidity from the yoga studio out into our lives.