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    Postcard Search 2017

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    24 September 11:00 - 14:00
  • Members and friends of Pilrig St. Paul's Church are invited to send us a postcard at the church office so that we can keep in touch with you on your travels during the summer months.

    This year's theme is "The Psalms" and we ask you to look for a picture that depicts a verse or verses from one of the psalms (please tell us what it is on the back - so that we don't have to guess!).

    We will display as many of the cards as possible in the church and in an album on our Facebook page. The final date for sending cards is 24 September - and they will be used in worship on Sunday 1 October.

    Address: Pilrig St. Paul’s Church, 1b Pilrig Street, Edinburgh EH6 5AH.