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    TEESH present Glowing Palms - 5am Extended Mix

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    12 August 23:00 - 13 August 02:00
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  • Hot on the hot heels of hosting Sneaky Pete’s 9th Birthday Party (the hottest dance in history) we look forward to our 5am festival special with our only just dried off bodies and minds 😊

    Please welcome back one of our favourite DJ, producers, people in the world with the return of Glowing Palms!

    He made his debut here in March 2015. We've wanted a second round ever since and are truly gratified we've made it happen for our extended festival show with hosts Tall Order (DJ Cheers + DJ Equipment).

    As both a DJ and producer Glowing Palms is a purveyor of such disco heat, boogie belters and odd glimmering 80s house to present sounds, often engulfed in raw synthesizer power.

    Glowing Palms recently completed festival appearances with other TEESH favourite Rüf Dug at his already legendary Gottwood Festival stage and the RUF KUTZ Love International Festival Boat Party. He also joined Bradley Zero at Rhythm Section's June party, so we can likely trust him to sear Sneaks' dance planks with some well tested jive apparatus!

    Check some of his gear here:
    📻 starts 25:38