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    Preview | Stephen Sutcliffe: Sex Symbols in Sandwich Signs

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    27 July 19:00 - 21:00
  • You are warmly invited to the Preview of Stephen Sutcliffe's 'Sex Symbols in Sandwich Signs' at Talbot Rice Gallery.

    Part of Edinburgh Art Festival

    Sex Symbols in Sandwich Signs takes its title from a damning review of David Storey's novel, Radcliffe, which was critical of all the qualities Sutcliffe admires, namely its bleak, alienating narrative and 'garrulous' characters.

    The exhibition pulls at the seams of identity, expanding upon recurrent themes in Sutcliffe's work: self-doubt, obsession, cultural constructs and class conflict. Central to the exhibition, a new video work draws parallels between the story of Radcliffe and the unrequited homosexual fixations of British filmmaker, Lindsay Anderson, toward possessive actor, Richard Harris.

    The exhibition also features a collection of working notes and images from Sutcliffe's personal archive associated with previous video works, placing emphasis on the central role of collage within his creative thought.