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    The Secret Room at The Writers' Museum

  • When
    14 May 17:30 - 23:30
  • Explore untold mysteries in the Secret Room, where performances are intricately linked to a magician’s interpretation of the colourful history of some of Edinburgh’s hidden historical buildings. Magicians dig deep into their exciting, intriguing and often dark histories, and unearth the little mysteries and unknown secrets. These are then illustrated with magic, illusion and of course sleight of hand.

    The Writers' Museum. The final resting place of the work and artefacts of Scotland’s most creative writers; Robert Burns, Walter Scott and Robert Louis Stevenson. And most recently, temporary home to JK Rowling’s hand drawn edition of Harry Potter.
    Nestled at the bottom of a withdrawn Close, just off the top of the Royal Mile, discover a trove of imagination, ingenuity and magic. What inspired these remarkable authors? Unlock the doors of the Writers' Museum using magic and illusion.

    Featuring Lewis Barlow, Michael Neto and John Henry Blackwood.
    Writers' Museum Edinburgh | MON 14 MAY - THURS 17 MAY | 5.30PM & 7.30PM | £20 / £18 CONC / £15 CHILD | 75MIN | AGES 10+