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    Restorative Techniques for Yoga Teachers with Karen Kirkness

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    18 November 13:00 - 15:00
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  • Do you find yourself wondering just how far to push your body in asana?

    Dynamic forms of yoga inspire us to find the edge of our comfort zone, but often leave us puzzling over postures that may seem impossible.

    Restorative yoga techniques are a great way to explore movement that unlocks and reinvigorates body systems through the use of props, active guidance, and gravity-assisted deepening into the tissues using the breath.

    Find out how to safely extend your range of motion and bring this understanding into your teachings.

    Karen Kirkness presents a comprehensive approach in her Restorative Techniques for Yoga Teachers, perfect for anyone interested in the connection between anatomy, spiritual practice, and taking the body where it can enjoy its fullest potential.

    Join Karen for hands-on Training specifically for Yoga Teachers that bring to life the concepts of Restorative yoga. These techniques are practical, easy to learn, and completely suitable for all levels.

    Karen will cover all the basics in Part 1, including an Opening and Closing chant as well as a potted history of Restorative yoga. The Training continues with a discussion of Biotensegrity and how the integrated body responds to deep breathing with sound.

    Teachers will break into small groups and work together on the Scapulohumeral and Hip spirals through a series of techniques designed to restore the secondary curve, aka “backbending.”
    The restorative techniques will incorporate a range of props and will be highly interactive, so teachers will get plenty of practice getting hands-on.

    This Training is designed to give you confidence working with Restorative yoga in your own practice and teachings.
    Topics include:
    History of Restorative
    Scapulohumeral and Hip spirals
    Practical session: Restoring the Secondary Curve

    Karen Kirkness, MFA, MSc
    Karen Kirkness is American by birth and now based in Scotland. She started practicing yoga while at university in Florida, in 1999. Having first studied Yoga with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore in 2003, Karen continues taking yearly trips to Mysore to study with his grandson and current KPJAYI Director, Sharath Jois, as a long-term student of Ashtanga yoga.
    Through the intuitive adaptation of her Yoga practice over the years under the guidance of her teachers, Karen has healed from from a wide variety of injuries. Karen’s art practice and passion for all things anatomical have an enormous impact on her teachings. After moving to Edinburgh from Florida to complete a master’s degree from the edinburgh college of art, Karen founded Meadowlark Yoga as her home studio.
    After over 15 years of Yoga practice, Karen spent a year in the dissection lab learning about human anatomy at the University of Edinburgh as part of her second masters degree in Human Anatomy. Karen’s fascination with anatomy and subtle body concepts come together with her love of teaching yoga to make her workshops fun, informative, and inspiring.

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