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    Humble Hanumanasana: Build Up To Splits with Frankie Culpin

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    21 October 09:00 - 11:00
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    In Frankie’s own words, she’s ‘no gymnast’ and has never been naturally flexible, so working towards postures has always required a patient approach. At no point in her life therefore, has sliding into the splits been an easy and instantaneous transition or one that has become a signature ‘party trick’. However in Frankie’s experience this has created a humbling and really rewarding process. She finds that on any given day this posture can feel different and she now places more importance on gaining the benefits from the preparatory work as well as the posture itself that maybe getting into the full posture.

    Having said that it can be fun to move the body into the splits and embrace the spirit of the pose’s namesake, the Hindu monkey God Hanuman which, as you might imagine, is playful. During this workshop we will work through a vinyasa flow sequence that will increase the mind/body awareness in order to safely open the body and create a solid foundation for a comfortable and balanced Hanumanasana. The posture requires a degree of hamstring suppleness and an opening of the hip flexor regions so we will work on increasing flexibility in those areas with opportunities to support the body using propped postures. Flexibility is also balanced with some muscle engagement so there will be some standing postures that will also build strength.

    A workshop setting is a great way to increase your understanding of what the body is doing in a posture and of what would feel better for your body, taking the time to ask what your body might need on that day rather than trying to ‘push’ the body in a direction that may not be beneficial or feel good. It’s a great space to let go of any pressure around coming into the full posture and instead to experiment and try a variety techniques in order to make working towards a pose more accessible.

    This 2 hour workshop is £25