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    A Hero's Journey-Storytelling Pathways

  • When
    18 November 10:30 - 12:30
  • A bold re-imagining of The Hero's Journey as a triptych: A Warrior's Journey, An Enchantresses Journey and A Fool's Journey. Participants are invited to enter a web of stories. Whose path will you take? What plants will you discover? Storyteller and herbalist Amanda Edmiston weaves together magical tales which combine mythology with herbal folklore, each one highlighting the stages shared by so many story-dwellers. How will your story change as we travel through the day?

    More details and resources to follow, so do feel free to press the interested button and follow the journey I take creating the workshop to discover more about the routes we might take on the day!
    For an overview of me and my work see www.botanicafabula.co.uk