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    W is for Wilfred Owen

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    17 August 14:00 - 18:00
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  • In 1917, Wilfred Owen a celebrated international poet was evacuated from the war front. On 25 June, Owen arrived at Craiglockhart WW1 Shell Shock Hospital to convalesce. Wilfred Owen became one of the most famous war poets of World War One. In 1917 Owen met Siegried Sassoon in Edinburgh, a meeting that changed the course of literature. Their collaboration inspired the poetry that we are so familiar with today. Come along and join in a celebration of their work. Hear Catherine Walker, curator of the War Poets exhibition at Craiglockhart, give a talk on Wilfred Owen, hear some special poems and Scottish Fiddler Thoren Ferguson will lead guests round the galleries by playing tunes on the Wilfred Owen violin.

    Booking is essential. To book contact the City Art Centre reception on 0131 529 3993. FREE