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    DJ Workshops - Semester 2

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    21 February 20:00 - 22:00
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  • This semester, we will be organising four DJ Workshops. We will be starting from the basics of mixing and teach you more as we go along!

    Each workshop will feature one hour of interactive teaching, followed by 1+ hour of Q&A, socialising and a chance to have a go on the DJ equipment, to practice whatever you want to practice. Therefore, the workshops will accomodate those new to mixing and those with more experience! There will be handouts and tutors at each session.

    During the first two workshops, we discussed the basics of mixing using CDJs.

    At the upcoming workshop (21 March) we will be giving an introduction into production using Ableton Live and analog equipment. It does not follow on from the first two workshops, so anyone can join!

    The final workshop (25 April) will be an introduction to mixing using DVS.

    Entry fee: £5 / DMS members: free
    DMS memberships are available at all our events and online (£10): https://www.eusa.ed.ac.uk/societies/society/DanceMusicSoc/

    Handouts are available in each session, and can be made available online if you message the page.