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    What's Stopping You?

  • When
    10 February 10:00 - 13:00
  • What’s Stopping You is a transformative female empowerment programme from creator Heather Gordon. The two-day workshop equips you with the essential skills to live your life in your greatness. You will develop your unique life transformation plan and map your journey to your life purpose.

    The programme has been carefully developed by Heather, a specialist in personal development, coaching, psychology, neuroscience and organisational development. She has run transformational programs all over Britain and Europe, supporting women to unlock their potential, and remind them just how powerful and influential they really are.

    The program starts with and finishes with a 1:2:1 coaching session with Heather. Then a 2-day luxury retreat, where you will develop your life transformation action plan and each day experience guided meditation.

    For more details, please visit Heather Gordon’s website: http://heathergordon.scot/services/events-2/