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    Almost Alive at Manipulate (Edinburgh, UK)

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    1 February 19:30 - 22:30
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  • Almost Alive at Manipulate Visual Theatre Festival, Edinburgh (UK)

    “Delightful, and sometimes gruesome scary (...) Almost Alive is a dark, sensory dancetrip that reassures and tickles the imagination."
    (De Standaard, BE)

    “If threat, depth and emptiness would make their own sounds, they are audible in Almost Alive, the strong, new dance show of Sabine Molenaar."
    (Brabants Dagblad, NL)

    Every day, we are exposed to a blast of information and impressions. But sometimes you just want to put this never-ending flow of stimuli on hold, if only for a little while, so you could catch your breath and feel your own heartbeat again. You shut your eyes and ears. Only to find that the images continue to reappear on the inside of your eyelids while echoes of voices and sounds keep on resonating inside your head.

    In ‘Almost Alive’, her third solo, Sabine Molenaar wonders what would happen when you withdraw yourself from the turmoil of the outside world and enter a timeless and boundless inner world.

    So she moves further away from reality and towards that dark place, where shelter and true peace of mind await her. Yet chaos and disorientation are also lurking.

    Slowly pulsating basses invite you into this shadowy universe. The black colour palette symbolizes both an end and a beginning: an atmosphere where Molenaar and the spectators can once again coincide with themselves.

    concept, choreography, dance: Sabine Molenaar
    dramaturgical advice: Lena Meckler
    scenography, lights: Amber Vandenhoeck
    decor: Gertjan Biasino & Amber Vandenhoeck
    video, animatronics: Gertjan Biasino
    camera: Gael Maleux
    music: Jochem Baelus
    costume: Joke Van de Casteele
    production: Sandman & Kosmonaut
    thanks to: Mike van Alfen & Arjuna Borsetti
    coproduction: Festival Cement, DansBrabant
    with the support of: PLAN talentontwikkeling Brabant, TAKT Dommelhof, BUDA, De Warande, ccBe, Théâtre de Vanves