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    Soy Candle Making With Dried Flowers Workshop

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    20 April 09:30 - 12:30
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  • Join Designer and Candlemaker Laura Thomas (Laura Thomas Co) within the beautiful surrounds of the Restoration Yard at Dalkeith Country Park for a morning making and creating your very own soy scented candles with dried botanical flowers.

    Laura shares her insider knowledge, secrets, tips and tricks of the trade that will enable you to create and learn about the art of candle making. Take away oodles of inspiration, pick Laura’s brains and discover all you need to know about all things candles.

    Arrive to served Coffee / Tea with homemade Restoration Yard Shortbread, then sit back, relax and learn about wax, wicks, fragrancing and burning your candle correctly. Finally get to work making your very own soy scented candles which will have dried flowers set within the candle to add to the scent.

    Workshop Content

    Description of commonly used waxes and their pros and cons.
    Introduction to Soy Wax.
    An overview of the different types of wicks.
    Discussion about the different scent options of fragrance oils, essential oils and dried flower petals.
    Step by step guide to the process of producing a container candle including measuring correct quantities of wax and scents required.
    Choose, mix and measure your own scent combinations.
    Create and hand pour your own container candles.
    Discussion on how to fix ‘problems’ when making candles.

    The workshop is roughly 2 hours long. Take away with you two container candles which will have dried botanical flowers within the candle and a wealth of knowledge on your new candle making skill.

    Come and make candles with Laura Thomas within the beautiful setting of the Restoration Yard studio above the retail shop. Meet new people, learn something crafty and take your own hand poured candles home with you to burn. A must do if you love scented candles and craft!