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    Connecting to the Core with Alis

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    2 September 14:00 - 18:00
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  • When we connect to and move from our core we are able to better support ourselves and move with greater freedom, and integrity.

    Our core is not just about our abdominals it also encompasses the surrounding muscles in the pelvis and upper body.

    We will focus on initiating movement from the core, creating stability in the shoulders and hips as we move through space. Using your breath to light up your core will be a huge element of this workshop allowing you to live with more vitality and energy. Leaving you with a spring in your step.

    There will be basic inversions.

    There will be options for all levels.

    2hr Yoga Workshop

    Investment £25/£20 (Sunshine Yoga Members)

    Book online at www.edinburghsunshineyoga.com/book-in or via the ticket link above to save a space and visit us on the mat :)