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    X-wing Team Epic Tournament

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    16 December 11:00 - 14:00
  • We are ending the year with one final Epic scale X-wing tournament. This will be a team tournament so you will need to find a partner. Each player will make up a 200pt fleet and then the 2 lists are combined for 400pts. If you can't find a partner please post up here and someone will hopefully find you. If you're really struggling message Jamie Hewitt and we will do our best to find you a partner.
    The cost will be the standard £10 per person which includes lunch.

    The tournament starts at 11am but the shop opens at 10am. If you can arrive early to set up your fleets that would be great as we will have to be tight on timings for this one. As soon as all players are ready we will begin. We are happy for you to print out your squad cards and pilots on a single sheet to save on set up time as long as it is clear for your opponents to see and understand.

    Each round will be 2hours and 30mins, there will be 3 rounds. Prizes will be taken from all the kits that we have left in the store. If you bring an epic ship in your fleet we will find you an extra prize.

    Here are the squad building rules from the PDF, please look at the epic rules/tournament rules in full which can be found on the FFG x-wing page:
    Each player on a team must build one squad for use in a Team Epic
    X-Wing tournament. The squad-building rules described in this section supersede the squad-building rules described in the
    X-Wing rulebook.The maximum squad points for each player is 200 points. A player’s squad cannot exceed 200 points, though it may contain fewer than 200 points. The maximum epic points for each player is 3. A player’s squad cannot exceed 3 epic points, though it may contain fewer than 3 epic points. Each player may field a maximum of 8 small ships of a single type and 4 large ships of a single type. For example, if a player fielded “Backstabber”, “Howlrunner”, and 6 Academy Pilots, he would reach his cap of 8 and could not field any more TIE fighters. Each team may choose to field either a Rebel, an Imperial, or a Scum & Villainy squad
    , as tournament seeding ignores the player’s faction. Both members of each team must field the same faction; therefore each team will consist of either 2 Rebel squads or 2 Imperial squads. A team cannot field two or more cards that share the same unique
    name. Each team must nominate a team captain before the tournament begins.The team captain must submit his team’s total squad composition, divided into two distinct lists (one for himself and one for his teammate), to the TO before the start of the tournament. Each list must include all associated Upgrade cards and total squad and Epic points, and be clearly labeled with the name of the player who will be fielding it, and the team captain must be identified on
    that player’s list. Each member of the team must use the same squad for the duration of the tournament, including all Ship and Upgrade cards. Each player must bring an X-Wing core set and any additional components he needs for his squad. This includes but is not limited to dice, a range ruler, maneuver templates, asteroid tokens, and a complete Damage deck. A player cannot bring more than one copy of each asteroid token. The TO is not expected to supply any game components to players